Monday, December 1, 2008

Praise God

This morning went well. I have 19 measurable follicles, 9 that are over 1.5 with a triple layered lining at a .99 just waiting for something to implant in it! All I know to do is be thankful for today and not look at tomorrow. I am thankful that God has allowed this growth both my follicles and my relationship with Him. I may still not even make it to transfer but I know if I don't I'll be OK b/c God is walking with me through it.

The nurse will call this afternoon with my estrogen level and what the doctor says but as of right now retrieval is set for Wednesday.

Glory to God in the Highest!!!


Rachie Pachie said...

That's awesome! So many follicles! :)

Thanks for the encouragement on my blog... it really make me feel better. I need to pray more & freak less. Wednesday is the next appt... hopefully I'll have a couple more growing by then!

Brett and Audra said...

Wow! That sounds verrrry promising! Take care this week. Keep us posted if you can!