Monday, December 1, 2008

Its on like Donkey Kong!

Wednesday morning at 8:30! E2 level was 1675 and I learned today that if you are taking cetrotide that it makes your estrogen level less than it actually is. For those keeping track - this is double what it was our last IVF on trigger day. Please pray that I can stay calm and focused until then!

Oh and I called and requested that even if Dr. H isn't the doctor on call that day that she be the one to do the procedure. I hope that isn't wrong but she just makes me feel warm and fuzzy and I love it when she calls me "baby girl". Is it wrong to pray that she will be the doctor doing it - of course if that is God's will and all. If she'll just come visit me, she doesn't really have to be the doctor doing it. Maybe I should request that!!


Brett and Audra said...

You Go Girl!! GL! I hope this is it for you!!

BTW-that game was AWFUL!!!

Just Another Infertile said...


This sounds like a good cycle for you. Good luck on your egg retrieval. I hope they get a ton!

andrea_jennine said...

Great levels!

Faithful Infertile said...

Oh, that sounds so good! I'm saying major prayers for you! :)

JJ said...

GREAT levels! Whoohoo!