Monday, August 4, 2008

Ouch Follistim and Menopur stings

Last night was the first stim shot - can I say OUCH! That stuff stings. I had already started crying when I saw all of the liquid that was going to have to be injected into me. I'm the kind of girl that won't even take a tylenol. I'm pretty sure as much medicine is being injected into me is going to cause some sort of side effects. That is my fear in all of this - I mean besides it not working - is the side effects. Lupron - none - so far so good. I think it has caused some acne and it makes me bruise easy but no problem. Anyway - my mom gave me the shot and it hurt - like a bee stinging but there is so much medicine that it doesn't stop very quickly. I need to do some research to see if there is anything I can do to stop that.

Anyway - hubby had his 30th birthday party Saturday. We had our best friends there and it was very nice. One couple is going through IVF with their egg retrieval scheduled for about 3 weeks after ours. The other 3 have kids - I had 3 kids in my house. One colored on a chair and the other lost our dogs Chuck IT. If you have a lab or a lab like dog that is obsessed with a ball you must have a chuck it. It keeps you from having to touch the slobbery ball. Its awesome. I described it as like a pacifier for a baby - something a dog owner can't live without. We will be going to Petsmart and purchasing another one tonight. What could a 5 year old have done with it?? We looked over the fences, under beds, couches and in corners. I'm so confused.

Tomorrow is hubby's actual birthday and we are going out with his parents. It should be nice.

I must work now but will post again soon.

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cynthia said...

I will have to look for a chuck it today! Good luck with your fertility journey. I just started my injections on the 25th of September. Our first try of IVF after trying on our own for 6 yrs. You are right! The FSH and HMG shots sting!!! I almost fainted this morning giving one in my belly! Tonight I am switching back to my leg! Hope it works for both of us!!!!!