Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm an awful blogger

Ok . . It's been over a month and I'm an awful blogger. In my defense it is tax season and I really don't have much extra time along with the fact that nothing good has happened in the land of infertility. Let me recap our month. I last left you with the medicine saga - and that has been fine. He hasn't started taking that medicine yet but we did get it in the mail and it is twice as expensive as the first medicine - which means twice as effective . . . right? Let's hope.

Well the biggest news in the last month is that we get to wait some more. We had a flu outbreak in our house and apparently fevers of 101 kill sperm and when hubby has very little doctors want to be on the safe side and give the little guys longer to regenerate. So that means I'll have a month off after tax season instead of flying straight from the flame into the infertility fire. Which don't get me wrong I would be more than glad to do. When faced with the certainty of waiting a month and getting a month to rest before they start sticking sperm up in me has a certain intrigue to it. Perhaps I will get to relax and be refreshed just in time for the IUI. It can't hurt.

There is only 3 weeks left before tax day and then I will have my HSG so I'll try to post more regularly for my 2 or 3 readers out there! However I do appreciate my readers and I definitely read your blogs whether or not I comment.

Better get back to work.

Happy week after Easter!